All you need to know when visiting Dr Roshni Naciker
All you need to know when visiting Dr. Roshni Naicker: 
 The following are a few guidelines that will help you make the most out of your consultations.


Payments are to be processed at the time of the consultation.


If your child is admitted to hospital, the account will be submitted directly to the medical aid. Depending on your medical aid plan type and the funds available, your medical aid may not always cover the full amount of these costs – in which case the parent/legal guardian will be responsible for the outstanding amount.


Depending on the treatment regimen, repeat prescriptions can be provided for a period of up to 6 months after the last consultation date.

Ad hoc prescriptions will be billed for. 


We value your time with us. To maximise your time during your appointment, we have attached our patient information form which you can fill out and email or bring to us at the time of your visit. 

Click here to download the Client Information Form. Please note that this form contains 2 pages, both of which must be completed in full. 

You can email your completed form to or bring your completed form with you at the time of your appointment. 

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has made us acutely sensitive to the fact that we need to institute additional hygiene and social distancing protocols at the practice.  

This has been done to ensure the safety of our vulnerable young patients; as well as that of their families. Please visit our COVID-19 page to learn more about the safety protocols we have put into place to ensure your safety during this pandemic. Your kind respect for our guidelines is greatly appreciated. 

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